Mapping The World’s Tweet Networks

Infographic Mapping The World's Twitter Networks

About this infographic

This is the “Twitter world”, showing where people travel and who they communicate with around the world. Creating this unusual infographic took some time. The author tracked all of the information of Twitter accounts with geo-locations enabled between May 17 and September 1, 2011. Using this information, he could track to whom people were speaking (by looking at the geotags of the people to whom they were @replying) and where they were going (by looking at changes in their geotags). On the map, the @replies are rendered as purple lines. The travel is rendered as green. White lines are places connected by both travel and talking. The connections are aggregated, and the brightness of these resulting shows how popular different connections are. I like this infographic for the way a large amount of complex data has been sorted and presented in a more understandable, a visually pleasing, way.


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