Movember: The Good, The Bad(ass) and The Ugly

Infographic for Movember: The Good, The Bad(ass) and The Ugly

About this infographic

Every hour 1 man dies from prostate cancer, in the UK alone. Every 15 minutes a new diagnosis is made. These are some of the alarming statistics covered in this infographic. With Movember in full swing the author has made an interesting and varied infographic on the aspects of Movember, the raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. From awareness activities in the social media, via fun facts on ‘real life’ moustaches, to the reality of the issue at hand. I like the theme, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and I like the overall layout of this infographic. However, I wonder what the validity is of the fun fact record “fastest time for a baby to crawl 10 feet with a fake moustache” ;)


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